Research at CAIS

CAIS is a place of innovative and interdisciplinary research and a forum for the active exchange of ideas between science and society. Researchers from a diverse range of disciplines as well as practitioners in the field can carry out individual or joint projects in the vast area of digitalization and internet research.

A modern infrastructure and ample opportunities for knowledge exchange and networking provide an optimal working environment. The three programs at CAIS – fellowships, working groups and events – make it possible to tailor any stay from a weekend workshop to a six-month fellowship plus an international conference to the requirements of the project and the individual needs of the participants.

The content orientation framework for the projects is provided by the research agenda of CAIS.

  • CAIS as a Community

    Fellows and guests reside in Bochum for the duration of their program at CAIS and are free to pursue autonomous research and collaborative exchange according to their own priorities. During their time at the Center they are part of a community which not only serves academic cooperation but also social interaction.

    The facilities provide for diverse forms of cooperation with their flexible office space and group rooms.

    A lounge with a tea kitchen can be used for relaxing and talking. Once a week a fellow-dinner takes place to which external guests are invited.

  • Research and Dialogue

    The Center hosts several public events at which scholars at CAIS are expected to contribute. The creative use of various formats of knowledge communication shapes the profile of the Center.

    These include dialogue via web-based information, personal meetings and shared activities with practice partners, public lectures and participation in citizens’ forums, discussions and workshops in the town and surrounding region. Fellows present their work in weekly seminars where it is discussed with other fellows and external guests.

    At the end of their stay, fellows and guests will be expected to contribute to the ‘CAIS Studies’ to inform a wider audience about the results of their work at the Center.

  • Selection Process

    The applications submitted for all three programs will be assessed by the Center’s program committee on the basis of three reviews per application.

    The evaluation criteria are:

    • professional expertise and qualification
    • relevance and topicality
    • originality and innovative potential
    • aims and academic/practical results
    • interdisciplinarity
    • transfer into practice
    • accordance with the CAIS agenda
    • feasibility of work plan

    in the case of academic projects

    • theories and methods

    in the case of working groups and events

    • professional expertise and qualification of further participants

    On the basis of this assessment and with additional consideration of disciplinary balance, of budget restrictions, workspace and accommodation capacities, the program committee will make its final decisions.

    The voting members of the program committee are the academic director, the program manager, the head of knowledge transfer and public relations, six distinguished scholars from the field of digitalization and internet studies as well as two professionals with practice-based expertise.

  • Call for Applications

    CAIS – Call for Applications 2018

    Applications for later periods are possible at any time.

    If you submit your application by July 15th, 2018, you can expect a decision by the mid of November 2018.

    If you submit your application by October 26th, 2018, you can expect a decision by the mid of January 2019.

Detailed informationen on the application procedure for the three programs at CAIS you find in the respective boxes below.

For enquiries related to the application and selection procedure, please contact