Working Groups

Working groups are aimed at scholars and practitioners who wish to make use of the resources of the Center to meet and collaborate.

A working group usually consists of two to twelve members who spend from a couple of days to two weeks at CAIS. It is also possible to meet several times in the course of a six-month period.

Fellows at CAIS can also apply to organise a working group during their stay.

  • Requirements

    Main applicants responsible for working groups should be highly accomplished academics or practitioners in the field of internet and digitalization.

    A concept for the communication of project results to the public and for their transfer into practice must be part of the application. In addition to this, members of working groups are expected to participate in the transfer activities organized by CAIS.

  • Funding and Facilities

    Members of working groups receive a daily allowance of 24 euros during their stay at CAIS. Alternatively, catering can be arranged for groups of more than ten people.

    During their stay at the Center working groups are provided with flexible work spaces. In addition, CAIS will cover participants’ hotel costs and travel expenses in accordance with the state regulations on the reimbursement of travel costs. Alternatively, CAIS can cover the cost of a daily commute if this is within a distance of 100 km from the Center and the fellow does not require accommodation in Bochum.

  • Application Instructions

    Applications in electronic form (one single PDF) are to be submitted in German or English to The application should not exceed 10 pages (plus CVs and publications).

    Applications should include:

    1. Application form for working groups
    2. Abstract of proposal (max. 300 words)
    3. Outline of proposal
    • subject and lines of research
    • aims and projected results
    • preliminary work
    • concept for transfer into practice
    • work plan

    in the case of academic projects

    • theories and methods
    • current state of research
    1. Curricula Vitae of all participants with no more than five publication references (max. 2 pages)
    2. One relevant publication of each main applicant as a link or an appendix
  • Selection Process

    The applications will be assessed by the Center’s program committee on the basis of three reviews per application.

    The evaluation criteria are:

    • professional expertise and qualification
    • relevance and topicality
    • originality and innovative potential
    • aims and academic/practical results
    • interdisciplinarity
    • transfer into practice
    • accordance with the CAIS agenda
    • feasibility of work plan

    in the case of academic projects

    • theories and methods

    in the case of working groups and events

    • professional expertise and qualification of further participants

    On the basis of this assessment and with additional consideration of disciplinary balance, of budget restrictions, workspace and accommodation capacities, the program committee will make its final decisions.

    The voting members of the program committee are the academic director, the program manager, the head of knowledge transfer and public relations, six distinguished scholars from the field of digitalization and internet studies as well as two professionals with practice-based expertise.