Researching on Internet Regulation

Bochum, Germany and Online

14 July 15 July, 2022



Researching on Internet Regulation

The hybrid mode workshop is centered on the issue of internet regulation around the world. Of particular concern is policy research. The workshop is intended to be conducted in collaboration with IAMCR Communication Policy & Technology Section (CPT). We will bring scholars from the East and West to discuss international and local political control of cyber space in the increasingly platformized and algorithmic systems. Our assumption is that technologies have not only reshaped the everyday practice of ordinary people, but also the topdown control mechanism.

Based on an ongoing study submitted by the HKBU Team to CAIS, the running theme of this twoday workshop revolves around how regime governments legitimate their control in the online world and how different levels of social agents (platform owners, media users and so on) respond to the control. The HKBU team will bring to CAIS their experiences and research on internet regulation in mainland China and Hong Kong.

In conjunction, the IAMCR CPT team will bring their expert knowledge on internet policies to the workshop. From a broader perspective on global internet policy studies and a more nuanced focus on the emerging fandom culture, CPT will help us to understand the control issue in greater depth. We will also invite renowned scholars in the field to share their thoughts and research.



Day 1 Global Perspective (14 July, 2022)

Day 2 Local Context (15 July, 2022)

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