Tetiana Gorokhova

Tetiana Gorokhova (guest researcher)

University / Organisation Pryazovskyi State Technical University (Mariupol, Ukraine)

Digital Propaganda Models in the Age of the Internet, Big Data and Social Media in Ukraine and EU countries

This project focuses on studying the EU experience of digital activism and instruments of digital activism influence on the democratic processes. This research project examines a set of the specifics of the use of digital tools for the introduction of propaganda companies in Ukraine and the EU.  It analyses, how using of digital tools, social media, and big data based on the situation of the information war in Ukraine.  It researches the experience of the EU and Ukraine in the fight against fakes and propaganda.

Main Research Topics
  • Digital Economy
  • Digital Media
  • Digital Activism
  • Digital Ethics
  • Circular economy
Curriculum Vitae

Associate  Professor of the Marketing and Business Administration Department Pryazovskyi State Technical University (Mariupol, Ukraine)

Expert of the Council of Europe (Youth for Democracy in Ukraine Project)

Expert of the Specialties 051 „Economics“, 073 „Management“, 075 „Marketing“  (The National Agency For Higher Education Quality Assurance (NAQA)

Master-Facilitator of the Project „Active Citizens“ – British Council

Researcher of the Institute of Economics and Management (University of Economics in Bratislava)

Lectures and Publications

Chapter of the monograph «Digital Tools in the Public Sector as an Element of Forming a Democratic Society» selected for publishing in the collective monograph «Digital Technologies in the Contemporary Economy» (Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania, 2022)

Gorokhova T. (2022) The influence of digital activism on the democratic processes in European Union countries. Annual Scientific Forum Networking on Sustainable Security in the Dynamic Environment.

Ni Putu Santi Suryantini, I Wayan Edi Arsawan, Tetiana Gorokhova, Ni Putu Ayu Darmayanti, Svitlana Moskalenko.  (2021) Circular economy: barrier and opportunities for SMEs. E3S Web Conf. 255 01017. pp.1-8 DOI: 10.1051/e3sconf/202125501017 https://www.researchgate.net/publication/351324895_Circular_economy_barrier_and_opportunities_for_SMEs

Gorokhova, T., Mamatova L. (2020) Features of the formation of digital competencies in the educational environment on the basis of sustainable development. Educational analytics of Ukraine. 4. pp.113-124

 Burdiuzha, A., Gorokhova, T., Mamatova L. (2020) Responsible Environmental Management As A Tool For Achieving The Sustainabile Development Of European Countries. Intellectual Economics.14 (1). pp. 161-183 https://ojs.mruni.eu/ojs/intellectual-economics/article/view/5716

Gorokhova, T., Mamatova L. (2020) The impact of e-commerce development on logistic service in Ukraine: perspectives and challenges. Intellectualization of logistics and Supply Chain Management. 1. pp.76-90.  https://smart-scm.org/en/journal-1-2020/tetiana-gorokhova-leila-mamatova-the-impact-of-e-commerce-development-on-logistic-service-in-ukraine-perspectives-and-challenges/

Gorokhova, T. (2020) Distinctive of the learning process transformation through digital tools: challenges and opportunities. Organization and  management in the services’ sphere on selected examples. Monograph. The  Academy  of Management  and  Administration  in  Opole,  2020. – 490 p.  https://www.wszia.opole.pl/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/2020_organization_andmanagmenent_in_the_services_sphere_on_selected_examples.pdf