Understanding the risks and opportunities of digitalization

The internet has produced important innovations over the past few decades – which create many opportunities, but also significant risks.

Actively shaping the digital transformation requires both interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research – research that is in dialogue with citizens as well as representatives from the fields of politics, administration, law, business, education, culture and the media.

The Center for Advanced Internet Studies (CAIS) promotes the active shaping of the social, political, economic, and cultural changes that digitalization brings about. The Center sees itself as a place for innovative interdisciplinary ­research and as a source of inspiration for a critical public that wants to find agreement on models for a self-determined life in the digital society.

CAIS supports innovative projects that deal with the social opportunities and challenges of digital transformation, and that develop perspectives for practice. The funding program is in principle open to all disciplines and areas of investigation, as well as to pure research and to projects that are more applied in orientation. Decisive criteria for funding a project is its excellence, topicality, relevance to society, and interdisciplinarity.

The research projects that CAIS conducts together with various partners deal with central questions of digitalization and contribute to the development of constructive design concepts.

CAIS also offers a wide range of opportunities for representatives from politics, administration, law, business, education, culture, media, and civil society to exchange ideas with researchers and to relate their own experiences.

Experts from science and practice can apply to CAIS for fellowships and working groups in the field of research on digitalization. CAIS relieves its guests of other obligations and gives them the freedom to carry out their projects independently. It also offers them an inspiring environment to discuss their own projects, as well as theories and methods, with a range of different disciplines.

Interdisciplinary exchange is also central to the research projects that CAIS conducts with its partners. The common framework is provided by the Research Incubator, which develops innovative forms of interdisciplinary cooperation and agile science.

CAIS brings together researchers and representatives from politics, administration, law, business, education, culture, media and civil society to exchange views on the social impact of digital change, and to develop joint perspectives for shaping this change.

CAIS offers numerous events for different target groups: academic colloquia, practice-oriented workshops and networking meetings, public lecture series and citizen dialogues, as well as working groups with experts.