Team – Prof. Dr. Susanne Hahn


Prof. Dr. Susanne Hahn

Principal Investigator Philosophy/Ethics

Prof. Dr. Susanne Hahn

Susanne Hahn conducts research at CAIS on philosophical/ethical questions concerning digitization. She is working on the development of a network for digital ethics and is the contact person for philosophical and ethical questions at CAIS. Her further research topics are rationality, normativity and business ethics.

Susanne Hahn’s position is financed by project funds from the Foundation Mercator.

Curriculum Vitae
  • Since January 2021: Member of the Advisory Council of the DZM (German Center for Future Mobility) of the State Ministry for Traffic and Digital Infrastructure
  • Since 2020: research associate at the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf
  • 2019: Fellowship at CAIS „Verantwortungszuschreibung in Zeiten Künstlicher Intelligenz“ (Responsibility Ascription in Times of Artificial Intelligence)
  • 2017: Award of the German Prize for Philosophy and Social Ethics by the Max Uwe Redler Foundation
  • Chair substitution and teaching assignments at the universities of Duisburg, Bochum, Dortmund and Düsseldorf as well as the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
  • 2015: Appointment as unscheduled professor at the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf
  • 2008: Habilitation at the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf (venia legendi: Philosophy); Habilitation treatise: „Rationalität – Eine Kartierung“ (Rationality: A Cartography)
  • 1984-1992: History, Philosophy and German Studies at the University Essen
Talks and Publications (exemplary)
  • „Ersetzung des menschlichen Urteils über Einwilligungsfähigkeit durch KI? – Voraussetzungen und Erwartungen“ (Replacing Human Judgement Assessing Informed Consent by AI? – Presuppositions and Expectations), Talk at the expert-workshop “Assessing AI assessing humans: Vom Einsatz künstlicher Intelligenz bei der Beurteilung der Einwilligungsfähigkeit von Patient*innen” (About the Usage of AI When Assessing Patients’ to Consent) within the research project SMART „Saving Autonomy: Assessing Patients’ Capacity to Consent using Artificial Intelligence“ by the VW-foundation, March 29th-30th 2021
  • „Digitalisierung – ein Modernisierungsschub für die Wissenschaft?“ (Digitization – a Modernization Boost for Science?), Panel discussion Forum 1, XV. University symposium “Digitalisierung gestalten: Wissenschaft in Verantwortung – Impulse für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft” (Shaping digitization: Responsibility of Science– Impulses for Economy and Society) organized by the Hanns Martin Schleyer-Foundation, the Heinz Nixdorf Foundation in co-operation with the TU Berlin, February 17th-18th 2021
  • “Machine Learning, Marketing und Magical Thinking“, Keynote for the opening event “Learning AI”, NRW-Forum, December 12th 2020
  • „Herausforderungen für die Verantwortungszuschreibung durch Künstliche Intelligenz“ (Challenges for the Ascription of Responsibility by Using AI), Online-talk in the lecture series „Verantwortung in Wissenschaft, Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft – Probleme und Perspektiven im 21. Jahrhundert” (Responsibility in Science, Society and Economy – Problems and Perspectives in the 21st century), organized by the Institute for General Studies at the TU Dresden, May 12th 2020
  • „Herausforderungen für die Verantwortungszuschreibung durch Künstliche Intelligenz –
  • “Ascription of Responsibility in the Age of „Artificial Intelligence“, International Conference Digital Imagineries of the Self at the TU Dresden, July 2019
  • „Verantwortungszuschreibung in Zeiten “künstlicher Intelligenz” (Ascription of
  • „Digitalisierung in der Perspektive von Freiheit und Normierung“ (Digitization in the Perspective of Freedom and Regulation), Colloquium of the art project „Freiheit 2.0“ – Was hat BIG DATA mit Freiheit zu tun?“ (Freedom 2.0 – What Has BIG DATA Got to Do with Freedom?) – a concept by Florian Mehnert, Organizer: Stadtpalais Stuttgart und State Representative for Data Security and Freedom of Information Baden-Württemberg, June 24th 2018
  • „Wahrheit –> Bullshit <– Lüge. Philosophische Orientierung im Umgang mit Fake News“ (Truth -> Bullshit <- Lie. Philosophical Orientation in Dealing with Fake News), Rothenfelser Easter Conference “Wahrheit” (Truth), March 28th 2018
  • (with Hartmut Kliemt), Wirtschaft ohne Ethik? Eine ökonomisch-philosophische Analyse (Economics without Ethics? An Economic-Philosophical Analysis), Stuttgart (Reclam) March 2017.
  • Rationalität – Eine Kartierung (Rationality – A Cartography), Münster (mentis), 2nd edition 2017. English Translation in Preparation.
  • Überlegungsgleichgewicht(e) – Prüfung einer Rechtfertigungsmetapher (Reflective Equilibrium – Examination of a Metaphor of Justification), Freiburg (Verlag Karl Alber) 2000.
  • (with Oliver Schlaudt), Logic, Morals, Measurement – Origins and Justification of Norms, Themenheft Analyse & Kritik, 38, Heft 2 (2016) 311-316.
  • „Homo oeconomicus in Not – Wozu braucht man (ökonomische) Rationalität?“ (Homo oeconomicus in Need – What do You Need (Economic) Rationality for?), in: Matthias Kettner/Birger Priddat (eds.): Ökonomische Rationalität zwischen Ideal und Illusion, Marburg 2022 (Metropolis), 13-29.
  • “Bullshit in Science? – On Epistemic Norms, Credibility and the Role of Science in Society”, in: Jan G. Michel (ed.): Making Scientific Discoveries. Interdisciplinary Reflections, Paderborn 2021 (Brill/Mentis), 217-231.
  • “Regeln und Normen“ (Rules and Norms), in: Ludger Heidbrink/Alexander Lorch/Verena Rauen (eds.) Handbuch Wirtschaftsphilosophie (Handbook Philosophy of Economics) vol. III Practical Philosophy of Economics, Wiesbaden 2021 (Springer), 75- 90.
  • “From Worked-Out Practice to the Justification of Norms by Producing a Reflective Equilibrium”, in: Analyse & Kritik, Heft 2 (2016), 339-369.
  • “Norm und Verantwortung” (Norm and Responsibility), in: Archiv für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie (Archive for Law and Social Philosophy) 100 (2014), 429-449.