Working groups

Working groups with up to twelve members

CAIS invites you and your working group to retreat to a stimulating environment where you can concentrate on your partnerships, projects and research applications.

Are you planning to bring together experts from various locations to initiate new research projects? Do you want to discuss the practical applications of your research or get academic input to further a practical project? Apply to CAIS for funding.

Through its working groups, CAIS supports collaborations between scholars and practitioners who want to spend a few days to three weeks working on questions relating to internet and digitalization research. CAIS funds various formats – theoretical and methodological research projects as well as projects with a practical basis.

The content of the projects is informed by the CAIS research agenda.

Working groups consist of two to twelve members and can be funded with up to 10,000 euros. Thanks to its modern facilities, CAIS offers a wide range of exchange opportunities and a productive working atmosphere. CAIS will cover participants’ travel costs as well as overnight accommodation. For groups consisting of five or more members CAIS can provide catering. Alternatively, members will receive a daily allowance.

All details can be found in our Call for Applications.

Applications can be submitted in German or English via the application form on this website. Please refer to the call for applications for details.

An application consists of the following elements:

  1. Personal data and requested funds
  2. Outline of proposal
  • abstract of proposal (max. 300 words)
  • subject and lines of research (max. 1.500 words)
  • academic results (max. 300 words)
  • practical results (max. 300 words)
  • preliminary work (max. 300 words)
  • work plan (max. 300 words)

in the case of academic projects

  • current state of research (max. 700 words)
  • theories and methods (max. 700 words)
  1. Curriculum Vita (PDF, max. two pages with no more than five publication references)
  2. One relevant publication (PDF)
  3. List of participants with the following information: name, institution/company, discipline/profession, traveling from/to, status of participation (invited/confirmed) (PDF)

Each application will be assessed by three reviewers.

The evaluation criteria are:

  • professional expertise and qualification
  • relevance and topicality
  • originality and innovative potential
  • academic results
  • practical results
  • interdisciplinarity
  • accordance with the CAIS-Agenda
  • feasibility of the work plan
  • expertise and qualification of other participants
  • in the case of academic projects
    • theories and methods

Based on this assessment and under consideration of interdisciplinary balance, budget restrictions, workspace and accommodation capacities, the program committee will make its final decisions.

All details can be found in our Call for Applications.