Data centers, data owners, data lakes

Autumn School

  October 10 – 13, 2018

  CAIS, Universitätsstraße 104 , 44799 Bochum

  Prof. Dr. Estrid Sørensen, Laura Kocksch

Data centers, data owners, data lakes – Infrastructures and Flow in Science & Technology Studies

With the growing smartification of ever more devices in our everyday life, big data masses are generated, transmitted, analyzed, stored and re-used. Devices, grids, wires, data centres and data formats are re-organized and thereby re-configure people’s relations to data and each other. With the notion of data lakes new data infrastructures are developed to handle big and smart data. New data infrastructures spur new flows of data, of technologies, of people and of values, and these again shape and reshape infrastructures. Using Science & Technology Studies literature on infrastructures and infrastructuring we explore the intersections and co-emergences of data infrastructures and flows as sites and processes of concentration, negotiation, and sociomaterial (re)-building. For the autumn school we encourage participations of PhD students who do ethnographic studies of data sites from a Science & Technology Studies perspective.
We apply literature on infrastructures to explore data, its relations and flows. We ask how are different concerns about data formed and negotiated? How is data enacted differently in different sites within the infrastructure? How do actors, material devices, imaginaries and practices engage in infrastructuring work?