Fellow Prof. Dr. habil. Christine Blättler

Prof. Dr. habil. Christine Blättler

Kiel University (CAU)

  Fellow at CAIS from October 2018 to March 2019


Modeling in Zones of In-/Determination

In the Digital Age human beings are confronted with technological dynamics which reconfigure the relation between human agency and technological momentum, expressed by the ambiguous formula of a „power of technology“, too. The idea of technology as a means for human ends has been challenged profoundly with digital technologies. Computer based modeling is an illustrative example for this dynamic as it produces knowledge and generates effects which often entail unintended consequences difficult to comprehend. Here some authors see technological determinism at work and others a creative potential of the unforeseeable, sometimes even favoring such arrangements as examples of dynamics not any more dominated by human reason. This project explores these zones of determination and indetermination in the light of the mathematically defined, produced and processed knowledge of contemporary computational modeling via philosophically informed reasoning.

Main Research Topics
  • Genesis and Validity
  • Ruses of Technology
  • Modeling
  • Seriality
Curriculum Vitae
  • Since 2011 Professor of Philosophy of Science at the Philosophical Seminar of the Kiel University
  • Fellowships at IKKM Weimar, IWM Vienna, Stanford University, ZfL Berlin
  • Habilitation 2011, University of Potsdam; doctorate 2002, University of Bern
  • „Anxiety in Technology. An Approach from Philosophy of Culture“, Vortrag an der internationalen Konferenz Living and Learning in a World of Anxieties, Anxiety Culture Research Project, CAU Kiel, 15.-17.11.2018
  • „Faktische Geltungsmacht und Grenzen des Verstehens“, Keynote, 3. Jahrestagung des Netzwerks Hermeneutik Interpretationstheorie, Interpretation und Geltung, Institut für Hermeneutik und Religionsphilosophie, Universität Zürich, 12.-13.10.2018