Fellow Dr. Kathrin Friedrich

Dr. Kathrin Friedrich

Brandenburg Centre for Media Studies (ZeM ) / Potsdam University

  Fellow at CAIS from April to Juli 2020


‘The Internet of Cows’ – Vital Data in Precision Livestock Farming

The globally increasing demand for food and animal products challenges the industrial production of livestock. Amongst others, the widespread application of digital media technologies promises to tackle some of the challenges. In doing so data acquisition and processing are not merely directed towards information and observation but are primarily targeted towards intervening in animals’ bodies, behaviour and aligned processes. In particular, the application of so-called virtual fencing illustrates how vital data is being operationalized in livestock farming. Networked software applications, sensor technologies as well as cloud and GPS-services should integrate heterogeneous entities in a closed operational logic to automatically regulate animals’ movement and location.

Based on case studies and a theoretical background in media studies the project analyses infrastructures, conditions of interaction and socio-cultural consequences of virtual fencing. It is embedded into a broader inquiry of how tracking technologies mutually adapt environments, living beings and interventions in the life sciences.

Main Research Topics
  • Adaptive Media
  • Image-guided intervention
  • Tracking
  • Software Studies
  • Science and Technology Studies
Curriculum Vitae
  • Since 10/2018: Scientific coordinator and postdoc, research group “SENSING. The knowledge of sensitive media” (funded by Volkswagen Foundation) tiftung), Brandenburg Centre for Media Studies (ZeM ) / Potsdam University
  • 05/2013 – 10/2018: Postdoc. DFG cluster of excellence “Image Knowledge Gestaltung. An Interdisciplinary Laboratory”, Humboldt University Berlin
  • 06/2015: PhD in media studies, published as “Medienbefunde. Digitale Bildgebung und diagnostische Radiologie“ (De Gruyter 2018), Academy of Media Arts Cologne
  • 06/2009 – 04/2013: Researcher, BMBF collaborative research project “Embodied Information. ‘Lifelike’ Algorithms & Cellular ‘Machines’”, Academy of Media Arts Cologne
  • Studies of media studies, law and sociology, Philipps-Universität Marburg
Publications and presentations
  • Friedrich, Kathrin (vorauss. 2021). Adaptive Bildgebung – Interventionelle Kopplungen von Bild, Körper und Handlung. In: Rieger, Stefan & Schäfer, Armin & Tuschling, Anna (Hg.): Virtuelle Lebenswelten. Körper-Räume-Affekte. Boston/Berlin: De Gruyter.
  • Friedrich, Kathrin (im Druck). Im virtuellen Zaun – Umgebungen adaptiver Medien. In: Rebekka Ladewig, Angelika Seppi (Hg.): Techno-ästhetische Perspektivierungen des Milieus. Leipzig: Spector Books (im Druck).
  • Feiersinger, Luisa & Friedrich, Kathrin & Queisner, Moritz (Hg.). (2018). Image Action Space. Situating the Screen in Visual Practice. Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter.
  • Friedrich, Kathrin (2018). Medienbefunde. Digitale Bildgebung und diagnostische Radiologie. Boston/Berlin: De Gruyter.