Fellow Prof. em. Dr. Friedrich Krotz

Prof. em. Dr. Friedrich Krotz

ZeMKI, University of Bremen

  Fellow at CAIS from May to July 2017

Reconstruction and theoretical reappraisal of the results of mediatization research

We are living in the midst of a radical change in media and communication, and thus also in a transformation of economic, social, cultural and political living conditions. This development can be described in communication studies as a current surge in mediatization. Computer networks and computers are changing the communicative media and their significance. A digital, computer-controlled infrastructure is emerging that affects personal identity and social relationships, companies, political parties and institutions, and entire areas of society. The mediatization approach is a comprehensive, theoretical and empirical approach that seeks to understand these developments in terms of their form and historical integration, and also from a critical perspective.

Over the last seven years, I have also initiated and coordinated a DFG priority programme “Mediatized Worlds” with a total of 36 projects. My time at CAIS will offer me the space to work through the knowledge that I have gained, to summarize and develop my findings, to discuss them in new collaborations, and to publish them in books and articles.

Main Research Topics
  • Communication and media studies
  • Sociology
  • Reconstructive research
  • Social change
  • Transformation research
Curriculum Vitae
  • Research projects in various European countries, the USA, Mexico, and Japan
  • Professorships in Münster, Erfurt and Bremen
  • Longstanding academic advisor at the Hans Bredow Institute for Media Research
  • Doctorate and postdoctorate (Habilitation) at the University of Hamburg
  • Diplomas in mathematics (Karlsruhe, 1974) and sociology (Hamburg, 1983)
  • Krotz, F.(2017). Explaining the Mediatisation Approach, Javnost – The Public, 24 (2), 103-118. Special Issue: Mediatisation and Beyond. A Critical Appraisal of Media Transformation. DOI: 1080/13183222.2017.1298556
  • Krotz, F. (2007). Mediatisierung. Fallstudien zum Wandel von Kommunikation.
  • Krotz, F.(2005). Neue Theorien Entwickeln. Eine Einführung in die Grounded Theory, die Heuristische Sozialforschung und die Ethnographie anhand der Kommunikationswissenschaft. Köln: von Halem.
  • Krotz, F.(2001). Die Mediatisierung kommunikativen Handelns. Opladen: Westdeutscher Verlag.
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