Fellow Prof. Dr. Stefan Huster

Prof. Dr. Stefan Huster
Prof. Dr. Stefan Huster

Ruhr-University Bochum

  Fellow at CAIS from October 2019 to March 2020


mHealth products in health care – regulatory problems and fundamental issues

Mobile Health (mHealth) applications are a prominent and promising, but also particularly controversial, aspect of the digitalization of the healthcare system. This research project focuses on healthcare and medical apps primarily with regard to the legal problems of regulating them, and particularly where it is planned to use them in the public care system of the statutory health insurance (GKV). However, regulating these apps also raises medical, social, economic, and ethical issues. Attention is focused here on three concepts and questions:

– Regulating innovation: How and under what legal requirements do healthcare and medical apps enter the GKV care system?

– Sanctioning: What legal consequences can and should be linked to the use or non-use of these apps?

– Empowerment vs. desolidarization: How will integrating mHealth into the GKV change the care system? Will this erode the principle of solidarity?

Main Research Topics
  • Health law
  • Constitutional law
  • Philosophy of law
Curriculum Vitae
  • Studies in law and philosophy, Bielefeld and Frankfurt
  • Doctorate and postdoctorate (Habilitation), Heidelberg
  • Chair at the FernUni in Hagen
  • Since 2004: Chair for Public Law, Social and Health Law, and Philosophy of Law, University of Bochum