Fellow Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mario Martini

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mario Martini

German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer

  Fellow at CAIS from November 2018 to April 2019


Digital Municipality

A digital municipality full of sensors offers major opportunities for a modern digital infrastructure (in particular for local public transport and energy systems), but also challenges. One fundamental question is: Who possesses the data sovereignty? This question is relevant to citizens who pass on their data and thus their right of informational self-determination. It is also an issue for private service providers who offer their services to municipalities and attach special importance to exclusive rights of usage and to their business secrets.
In order to leverage the existing potential of municipal data, there is a need not only for data, but also for a stable licensing model that regulates access to data rights. But what should a legally secure framework for the use of community data look like, especially from the economic point of view and with a public-value-approach? The fellowship’s mission is to answer these questions, and to lay the foundations for a citizen-centered commercial data law.

Main Research Topics
  • Smart City
  • Database Right
  • Licensing Models
  • Data Sovereignty
  • Data Ownership
Curriculum Vitae
  • –Holder of the Chair of Administrative Science, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law and European Law at the University of Speyer
  • –since July 2018 member of the Data Ethics Commission of the German Federal Government
  • –since 2017 Deputy Director of the German Research Institute for Public Administration
  • –since 2016 Head of the program division “Transformation des Staates in Zeiten der Digitalisierung“ at the German Research Institute for Public Administration
  • –2011-2015 Coordinator of the research association “Der Staat im Web 2.0”
Publications and presentations
  • Martini, Mario (2019): Blackbox Algorithmus – Grundfragen einer Regulierung Künstlicher Intelligenz. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag (im Erscheinen).
  • Martini, Mario; Kienle, Thomas (2019): Facebook, die Lebenden und die TotenFacebook, die Lebenden und die Toten. In Juristen Zeitung (JZ) 2019, S. 235-241.
  • Martini, Mario; Kolain, Michael (2017): Wem gehört die Smart City? – KOMMUNAL 10/2017, S. 46 f.
  • Martini, Mario (2017): Transformation der Verwaltung durch Digitalisierung, DÖV, S. 443-455.
  • Martini, Mario; Wiesner, Cornelius (2017): 91c Abs. 5 GG und das neue Zugangsregime zur digitalen Verwaltung – Quantensprung oder zu kurz gesprungen?, ZG 32, S. 193-227.