Fellow Dr. Thomas Ramge

Dr. Thomas Ramge
Dr. phil. Thomas Ramge


  Fellow at CAIS from August to October 2020


Photo: Peter van Heesen

AI vs. Covid?

Which public health measures help most to fight Covid-19? We don’t really know! Political decision-making in the corona crisis has been submitted to an unusually high level of uncertainty and a striking lack of reliable or meaningful data.

In recent months, many AI experts and data scientists had to discover that their models and technologies are much less helpful to fight an unknown virus than they might have expected and hoped for before the outbreak in Wuhan. It seems that an inadequate understanding of the prevalence and effects of the Covid-19 virus as well as fragmented, often contradictory data have rendered Big Data analysis and Machine Learning tools much less powerful as often claimed –  just in a situation in which reliable data science was more in demand than ever.

This project is looking into necessary and sufficient conditions under which AI systems and Big Data analysis could be more helpful, when the world might be once again under pandemic threat; and which stakeholders could contribute by what means to create meaningful data.

Main Research Topics
  • Policymaking and Datascience
Curriculum Vitae
  • Technology Correspondent “brand eins”
  • Freelance writer for “The Economist”, “Foreign Affairs”, “Harvard Business Review”
  • Author of numerous non-fiction books
  • Research Fellow “Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society” (Feb. – July 2020)