Fellow Dr. Joan Serra

Dr. Joan Serra
Dr. Joan Serra

  Fellow at CAIS from July to December 2020


A Multilevel Evaluation of Altmetrics: Measuring Discipline Performance Heterogeneity

Altmetrics is a generic term formed from the contraction of alternative and metrics. It refers to non-traditional academic performance metrics drawn from online sources such as social media. The employment of altmetrics has significantly increased since they were first proposed in 2011. They are still controversial and there is no consensus about their value. Most research points to their usefulness as early predictors of academic citation and as tools to measure networks and societal impact of research.

In this project I would like to contribute to this discussion with a multilevel model to measure how well altmetrics signal scholarly impact, measured for example through peer-review assessments or the number of citations after a given period of time. A multilevel model is a statistical model that allows for heterogeneous impacts for units belonging to different categories, such as particular academic fields or time periods. The aim is to provide the first comprehensive analysis of the heterogeneity of the performance of altmetrics for different academic fields.

Main Research Topics
  • Altmetrics
  • Institutional design
  • Decision making
  • Participatory processes
  • Data science
Curriculum Vitae
  • Post-Doc, Ruhr-Universität Bochum
  • Coordinator Comparative Politics Workshop, University of Chicago
  • Teaching assistant, University of Chicago
  • Fulbright Fellowship, University of Chicago
Publications and Presentations
  • Knoll, B., & Serra, J. (2018). Cyclical group preferences in national elections. Empirical Economics Letters, 17(6), 713–18.
  • Serra, J. (2015). Wirtschaftliche und politische Reformen. Lehren aus Lateinamerika. Thesen zum Workshop „Griechenland und die Europäische Union – welche Wege führen aus der Krise?“. Kolleg Postwachstumsgesellschaften.
  • Pallarés, F., & Serra, J. (2014). Estabilidad y Cambio en el Voto en las Elecciones de 2009–2012: Perspectiva Comparada entre CCAA. In F. Pallarés (Ed.): Elecciones Autonómicas y Locales 2011. Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas.
  • Pallarés F., & Serra, J. (2012). Las Elecciones Generales de 2011 en España. In J. Tornos (Ed.): Informe Comunidades Autónomas 2011. Instituto de Derecho Público.