Research Incubator: What topics does CAIS conduct research on?

Research Incubator: What topics does CAIS conduct research on?

At CAIS, we follow a structured process to sound out potentially important topics in digitalization research, with these yielding topics for CAIS research programs starting in 2021.

The central objective of the CAIS Research Incubator for 2019 to 2021 has been to develop and try out processes in order to promote cross-area networking and interdisciplinary collaboration in an innovative framework for science and research, and also to identify in a systematic way relevant research topics for the research programs.

Abbildung 1. Strukturierung der Themenfindungsphasen über den Double Diamond

Abbildung 1. Structuring of the topic identification phases via the Double Diamond



The process of identifying topics entails a continuous alternation between collecting and condensing insights, the model used here being the Double Diamond, a structure for innovation created by the UK Design Council. An elementary part of this is a structured change of perspective, which is achieved by alternately opening and closing the process, i.e. the deliberate consideration of both quantitative and qualitative aspects.