AI = No interest?

How debates about artificial intelligence change in pandemic times

Thank you for visiting our site! We would like to talk to you about how intensively you deal with the topic of artificial intelligence or take notice of media coverage on it.

Why are we interested in this? Many exciting and digital-savvy people are coming together around Re:publica 2021, and many of you may even have specific knowledge of technology and something to do with the topic of artificial intelligence.

How interested do you think the general population is in this technology? We will use our session to compare your assessments with our concrete research results from the Opinion Monitor Artificial Intelligence (MeMo:KI), and ask: How interested do you think the general population now is in this technology?

Here are our two questions

Interactive survey

Question 1: Have you heard anything about the new EU draft law on dealing with AI?

Question 2: How many people in the population do you think were aware of this draft law?

(Use the arrows at the bottom left to switch between results).

Want to know what’s behind the EU’s AI bill?

The EU Commission’s proposed legal framework for AI …

» is intended to protect the fundamental rights and safety of users, and to increase confidence in the development and dissemination of AI

» is considered a bill that regulates how Artificial Intelligence may be used based on the risk of application

» includes a list of applications that will be classified as “high-risk” in the future, and thus require approval

» proposes a risk-based approach with four levels of risk, so that clear rules for dealing with AI emerge and users feel informed

» is to be implemented by national authorities in the EU states

Want to know more? Further details are in the EU Commission’s original source.
More questions and answers on this topic are here.

And what does the population think?

Public discussion comprises a variety of ideas about what artificial intelligence actually is or is not. We monitor these opinions and ideas in the population with a special research tool: the Opinion Monitor Artificial Intelligence (MeMo:KI for short), which uses representative survey results to show how far citizens are interested in AI and what they think of specific AI applications.

In May, we asked the population the same question from the survey above, and thus analyzed very recent survey data for you.

Live conversation on 21 May 2021

A conversation took place on 21 May 2021 between Kimon Kieslich, member of the research team from the University of Düsseldorf, and Esther Laukötter, expert in science communication.

The two communication scientists discussed how to interpret the survey results, and explained how the Opinion Monitor works and why such a tool is important in the first place.

What are the implications of the (lack of?) discussion of AI issues for social developments? Why is it problematic if the discussion of AI now tends to take place away from the headlines or public discussion? We are interested in the here and now, but also in the time after the pandemic.

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