Summer School

Quo vadis Digitalisierungsforschung?

  13. –  17. September 2021

  CAIS, Bonn, virtuell

» Kontakt: Dr. Nina Hahne, Dr. Mario Anastasiadis

Summer School 2021: Quo vadis digitalization research?

The Summer School is jointly organized by the research association NRW Digitale Gesellschaft and CAIS. For one week, participants will work together with experts on the topic of digitalization research in a way that is panoptic and interdisciplinary, addressing also the question of how they understand themselves as digitalization researchers.

The manifold effects of digital structural change in the social, cultural, political, medical and economic spheres are opening up great opportunities and prospects, as well as challenges and risks. For example, the increasing relevance of data, the emergence of new digital platforms, and technological developments in artificial intelligence and robotics are leading to previously unknown questions of data protection, data security, dependence on digital structures of power and control, and cybercrime.

In this context, the digital transformation should not be understood solely as a question of technological development, but always also as social change, at the center of which are people whose lifeworlds are increasingly influenced by the opportunities and risks of digitalization.

Understanding the complex social consequences of digitalization for people and society is also a task for science and research. How can they help to identify dangers and harness potential? What ethical, political or legal questions arise now and in the future?

Against this backdrop, the interdisciplinary Summer School “Quo vadis Digitalization Research?” addresses the question of how inter- and transdisciplinary digitalization research that focuses on people and the social consequences of digitalization can study, critically accompany, and help shape the digital transformation of society now and in the future.