Fellow Dennis Redeker

Dennis Redeker

University of Bremen

  Fellow at CAIS from April to September 2021


Defending Digital Constitutionalism in Times of Crisis

Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic, nation states adopted policies that can limit the spread of the virus or misinformation about it. Some of the policies swiftly adopted have caused uproar among activists, who fear that human rights on the Internet are rolled back. This re-emergence of state authority as the spirit of the hour may be yet another stride in the slow movement towards sovereigntism in Internet governance.

This project analyzes the reactions to these policies by transnational civil society as a struggle between the emergent approaches of sovereigntism on the one hand, and rights-focused digital constitutionalism on the other hand. I will map and analyze the positions, mobilization strategies and resilience of transnational civil society actors to the enacted policies. How and to what extent does transnational civil society react by calling for a further constitutionalization of the Internet as a reaction to state power, thereby defending digital constitutionalism?

Main Research Topics
  • Digital constitutionalism
  • Internet governance
  • platform governance
  • AI governance
  • transnational civil society
Curriculum Vitae
  • 2016 – 2021: PhD in Political Science, Bremen International Graduate School of Social Science (BIGSSS)
  • 2017 – 2021: Research Associate at Universität Bremen (SOCIUM – Research Center on Inequality and Social Policy)
  • 2018 – 2019: International Graduate Visiting Scholar at the Center for European and Mediterranean Studies (CEMS) at New York University (NYU)
  • 2018: Visiting Researcher at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University
  • 2013 – 2016: Master of Arts in International Relations: Global Governance and Social Theory, Jacobs University Bremen and Universität Bremen
Lectures and Publications
  • Redeker, D. (2019). The Contract for the Web: The newest manifestation of digital constitutionalism? Völkerrechtsblog, 29 November 2019.
  • Redeker, D. & Sturm, I. (2019). ICT skills in Small Island Developing States: ICT capacity building, economic opportunities and brain drain. Digital Skills Insights 2019. Geneva: International Communication Union.
  • Redeker, D., & Martens, K. (2018). NGOs and accountability. In: Aynsley Kellow, Hannah Murphy-Gregory (Eds.). Handbook of Research on NGOs, 303-324.
  • Redeker, D., Gill, L., & Gasser, U. (2018). Towards digital constitutionalism? Mapping attempts to craft an Internet bill of rights. International Communications Gazette 80(4): 302-319.
  • Redeker, D., Turashvili, T., & Iakobidze, T. (2015). E-Governance in Georgia: Citizen- Serving, Informing and Empowering. In: Alexander Balthasar, Blaz Golob, Hendrik Hansen, Balasz König, Robert Mü ller-Tö rö k, Alexander Prosser (Eds.). Central and Eastern European e|Dem and e|Gov Days 2015: Time for a European Internet? (Conference Proceedings). Vienna: Austrian Computer Society.