Veranstaltung The Practice Turn in IT Security


  20. Juli – 21. Juli 2017

  CAIS, Universitätsstraße 104
Bochum, NRW 44799 Deutschland

  Interdisciplinary Workshop on the Making of IT Security

CAIS Report: Kocksch (2017). The Practice Turn in IT Security.

The Practice Turn in IT Security – Interdisciplinary Workshop on the Making of IT Security

IT security is commonly considered a fundamental issue in the design, use and appropriation of digital technologies. The workshop proceeds from the observations that existing techno-centric approaches to IT security are lacking and that established notions of usable security limit questions of IT security to relatively narrow concerns for product quality and consumer competency. In contrast, the workshop explores how IT security emerges from a mesh of diverse practices, involving a range of actors such as software developers, security researchers, hackers, users, policy makers, non-pro t organizations and so forth.

Taking the practice turn“ in IT security, we suggest to study the making of IT security in terms of distributed collaboration, tense negotiation and heterogeneous cooperation across organizational boundaries. IT security, we propose, cannot simply be scripted into technology. Rather, it must be understood as situated within practices of designing, using, and testing through which security is enacted, maintained and contested.